Imogen Thomas Dating Ray J?

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Imogen Thomas catapulted to fame with Big Brother and most recently, she managed to get on the back pages of every British tabloid after her affair with famous soccer player Ryan Giggs emerged. Now, she is apparently dating sex tape star Ray J. The couple were recently spotted together in what appeared to be a romantic date. The couple hugged each other and shared a few glasses of champagne, but many rumour this to be a publicity stunt more than anything else.

However, there seems to be more than just a publicity stunt involving the pair as Imogen Thomas recently gave an interview to British paper, Daily Mail, in which see praised Ray J like never before. Imogen Thomas also claimed that she would be meeting up with Ray J the next time she heads out to LA.

Ray J And Kim Kardashian Reunited?

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Amidst rumours that he has been close to Kim Kardarshian in recent times, Ray J has said that they were not but rumours. The Hip-Hop website, WSHH, is alleged to have acquired tapes that clearly show Kim Kardashian parking her vehicle inside Ray J’s garage. This stunning bit of news has created rumours that the couple are once again reunited. The couple became famous all over the world for the sex tape that was released sometime ago. After its release, they both separated. However, the tide seems to have changed. Both, though, have denied these allegations by claiming that they are baseless.

Ray J Dating A Housewife

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After having had the opportunity to enjoy the voluptuous Kim Kardarshian, Ray J has entered into an altogether different league after he is reportedly dating a housewife. The 48-year-old Danielle Staub is the woman in question as she seems to have somehow brought the thirty-year-old Ray J under her magic spell. However, sex tapes and Ray J don’t seem to be too far away after a sex tape featuring Staub was released last year, although it does not feature Ray J himself. Staub shot to fame with the ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ and could be set for even more fame alongside Ray J.

Kim Kardashian Credits Her Fame to Raj J

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Kim Kardashian has finally credited all of fame and money towards none other than Ray J himself in a recent interview. She said that it would not have been possible without Ray J to achieve the level of success that she has had in her life. The sex tape that featured Kim Kardashian and Ray J released in 2007 and since then, the career graph of Kim Kardashian has been pointing towards the sky. It was reported that she earned a cool $6 million last year. The two have been separated ever since, but it seems that Kim Kardashian is pretty loyal after all.

Ray J Sex Tape Story


The notorious Ray J tape is a video footage of Ray J and Kim Kardishian while having sex. It was made when the sweethearts vacationed in Cabo, Mexico to celebrate Kim’s birthday. During one of the days they were there, the two got bored and decided to make themselves a sex tape, supposedly for their own consumption.

Ray J’s real name is Willie Ray Norwood, Jr. He is the son of a gospel singer (how ironic) and the brother of then more famous sister, Brandy. Ray J was a child actor and also an R&B singer. He is also a successful record producer. He had a string of great hits one of the most popular of which is the song “Sexy Can I”. After the leak of the Ray J sex tape, he became even more famous and was later offered to star in his own reality show entitled “For the Love of Ray J”. The first winner of this show was Cocktail. Cocktail declares that she is now the present girlfriend of Ray J and that although they do not see each other much due to their conflicts in schedule, they love each other so. The other women famous linked to Ray J are Whitney Houston and Li’l Kim.

Kim Kardishian whose real name is Kimberly Noel Kardishian is the daughter of famous O.J. Simpson lawyer Robert Kardishian. When he died, Kim’s mother Kris, married famous Olympian Bruce Jenner. She has two sisters and a brother, 3 stepbrothers and one stepsister and 2 half-sisters. She is an actress and a businesswoman. She is a socialite who was most popularly known as Paris Hilton’s best friend. After a failed marriage, she met Ray J and the two became lovers. Currently, she also has her own reality show, just like Ray J, entitled “Keeping up With the Kardishians”, which she stars in along with her siblings.

Three years after making the tape, it suddenly was leaked on the Internet and the lives of the two were shook. Although surprised (?), the two cannot deny that they received tremendous benefits from the release of the sex tape.

You can watch full Ray J & Kim Kardashian sex tape here.